Essential Storage Kitchen Items to Save Space

10 Jun

A small kitchen will need more creative ideas for you to make it spacious enough while storing the many kitchen items that you have.   Movement may be strenuous when you are cooking, picking up a few items or cleaning. The small space in your kitchen may demoralize you from trying to add more items to the kitchen.  You will have to sell your house and buy another one that has a bigger kitchen, but that a hassle is not necessary because you can get space in your small kitchen. You should be creative with your storage kitchen idea for you to create the space you want in your kitchen. Here are some of the Armadi creative ways for your kitchen storage that you can implement to get space.


Your cupboard and shelves may be full of other items to accommodate containers full of spices: hence, use the door your fridge to hang magnetic spice jars.  A magnetic panel can also accommodate  quite several magnetic spice jars if you put on its form of a rack.

The traditional way of storing pots and pans is using cardboard and a shelf which will take up too much space, but the modern way of using hanging racks utilizes very little  space.  You can use hooks and the pans from the ceiling instead of the wall. Get more facts about kitchen design at


Maximizing the space inside the cabinet by drilling in hooks that will be used to hang small items that can fit in the cupboard such as teacups.  Test the hooks with few items before you hang more items on them to ensure that they are strong enough to handle quite several items; hence you will avoid the extra work of rearranging the kitchen when items fall. Make sure to view here for more details!


Magnetic knife strip will help you store your knives in a safe way. The blades of your knife will stay sharp when you store them on magnetic knife strips.  Attach magnetic stickers on the other items and stick them on the magnetic knife strip to maximize their usage.


Use a pegboard to hang those bulky items such as cooking pans. Paint the pegboard in a creative way to make it look attractive. Attach as many hooks as you want on the holes to increase and capacity of storage.   For you to make the items look attractively arranged on the pegboard, you should also be creative with your style of organizing them.  The pegboard does not limit you to the type of items you should hang on the hook because so long as the items can fit hang them on it.

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